LP Giobbi Lights Up The Roxy with a Double Treat of Back to Back Shows

By, Eric Budianto Thornton (IG: @ericbthornton) | Edited by: Bernadette

Los Angeles experienced an extraordinary Thanksgiving treat this year as the ever-talented DJ and Producer, LP Giobbi, graced The Roxy Theater for not one, but two enthralling shows over the holiday weekend. Taking the stage on November 25th, 2023, her dual performances cemented her reputation as one of the most sought-after talents currently in the electronic music scene.

Riding the wave of her latest album: Light Places, and the recent single Waiting,” LP Giobbi transformed the legendary theater into a vibrant celebration, setting the stage for sold-out fans to dance away those holiday indulgences. LP Giobbi curated back-to-back shows that night, each offering its unique vibe. The second set, radiating an after-hours ambiance, saw the intimate venue bathed in disco ball lights, while the initial set showcased her own songs and remixes, much to the delight of the eager crowd.

Hailing from Oregon and armed with a UC Berkeley degree in Classical Jazz Piano, LP Giobbi embarked on officially releasing music in 2018 two years before the pandemic which further amplified her output during those unprecedented times. Her collaboration on “Waiting” with revered upcoming House artists Redfield and DJ Rae boasts a soulful, infectious groove that captivates listeners right from its first drop. Released under Diplo’s esteemed label Higher Ground, the track garnered glowing accolades with DJ Mag remarking on the track’s “uplifting house melodies” and “punchy percussive groove.” 

Experiencing her live performance in such an intimate setting was a delight for fans, providing a close-up view of her setup, complete with live sampling and keyboard mastery, a signature of her shows. Additionally, the surprise appearance of a live violinist graced the stage, harmonizing beautifully with LP Giobbi across several tracks.

These two consecutive shows followed LP Giobbi‘s session at the W Hotel in Hollywood for Femme House, an organization she founded to empower aspiring women DJs and electronic music producers proving her skills are beyond music and also showcases her skills as a leading role model. Though designed for women, the organization’s mission intrigued me, prompting my enrollment in one of their free informative classes after browsing their website.

LP Giobbi’s ongoing tour revolves around her recent album, Light Places, a collection of serene yet infectious tunes interspersed with short piano interludes like “Intro: Mother” and “All I Need (Interlude),” intricately placed to guide listeners through her creative evolution. While most tracks share a similar vibe, a standout favorite of mine, “Georgia,” injects pulsating energy perfectly nestled in the heart of the album, amplifying its overall vibe.

In just three years, LP Giobbi has skyrocketed to become a leading producer in the electronic music sphere. A festival favorite, her infectious grooves and vibrant yet laid-back performances leave fans eagerly anticipating her future musical endeavors.  Be sure not to miss the chance to experience LP Giobbi live at an upcoming show or festival in your city and get swept up in the feel-good vibes her music brings!


LP Giobbi Upcoming Tour Dates:

December 8 – Art With Me Festival, Miami, FL

December 30 – Vision NYE @ The North Warehouse, Portland, OR

December 31 – EYE Heart NYE @ Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

Jan 12-15 – Dead Ahead Festival (Dead House Set), Cancun, Mexico

Jan 24-28 – Groove Cruise, Miami, FL

Feb 2-4 – Gem & Jam Festival, Tucson, AZ

March 30 – Pal Norte, Monterrey, MX

April 8 – Texas Eclipse, Burnett, TX


* = Light Places Headline Tour

^ = Yes Yes Yes Afterparty


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