Kidnapper of Charlotte Sena Has History of Violence

After being arrested this past Monday for the kidnapping of Charlotte Sena, police have discovered that 46-year-old Craig Nelson Ross Jr. has a violent history and had previously been charged for choking another person during a domestic dispute back in 2017.

Charlotte Sena went missing last week after riding her bike at Moreau Lake State Park in New York. She was later found inside a cupboard of Ross’s trailer home which was located in his mother’s backyard after a ransom note tied Ross to the kidnapping.

After kidnapping Sena, Ross delivered a ransom note to the Sena family’s mailbox, leaving his fingerprints as evidence. When the police took the note into evidence, they matched the fingerprints to Ross from a previous arrest in 1999 for Driving While Intoxicated in Saratoga Springs. Allegedly, Ross hand delivered the ransom note to the Sena family home while state troopers were guarding the home.

The New York State Police are investigating the situation that led to the trooper not noticing the man delivering the ransom note, but for now do not believe the situation was mishandled. Police found and arrested Ross at his residence just 14 hours after the ransom note was left.

Police are still deciding whether Ross’ mother should also be charged, as he was living and held Sena on her property. After interviewing Ross’ mother, New York State Police Lt. Col. Richard Allen told the press: “The mother was in the house, which is directly in front of the camper which is in the backyard. We are working with her and interviewing her and as far as charges on her, it’s too early to say what may or may not happen there. We’re still trying to determine what she did know and didn’t know at the time.”

Ross is being charged with first-degree kidnapping and will remain in Saratoga County jail for the remainder of the investigation.

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