Kenny Scharf’s “Blue Blood” Exhibit Showcases a Trippy Black Light Installation

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Kenny Scharf recently revealed a new exhibition at New York City’s TOTAH gallery called “Blue Blood.” The featured artworks use a strict palette of only three colors – red, blue, and grey. With Scharf’s classic trippy pop style and abnormal characters, the gallery states that the subjects explored in this exhibition are “futuristic planets, personified nebulae, and risible vortices transmogrify into alluring visages and patterns.”

The lower level of the gallery is where you’ll find an immersive black-light installation that “establishes a counterpoint to the paintings in the main gallery.” In a statement from the gallery it is said that the piece “alludes to his historical connection with the East Village of the 1980s underscoring a masterful painting technique while exemplifying his exuberant disregard for boundaries.”

You have until July 28th to check out the exhibition at TOTAH.

183 Stanton St.
New York, NY 10002

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