Kanye West Abandons $2.2M L.A. Home

Kanye West’s $2.2 million Los Angeles ranch looks seriously worn in new pictures. It seems the Chicago rapper left the property quite vacant and with little upkeep following his divorce from Kim Kardashian. While the ranch also served as his Sunday Service and Donda Academy HQ, he boarded up the house in 2020. Their divorce was finalized last November, and it seems the property’s been out of use. Given that both parties are moving on in their lives, this ranch is a bit of a sad marker of what’s changed over the years.

Ye built partition walls around the property’s main and guest houses. Now, it seems someone took down some of those structures, leaving just a wire fence surrounded by trash. Some parts of the walls also fell naturally, and gaps in the fencing might explain the rubbish here and there. The white fabric covering the fence began to fray. Also, photographers spotted a 4×4 tank by the openings, plus a barbecue smoker. In addition, many props and school materials from Donda Academy are scattered across the property including drums and trikes.

Reportedly, the “Yikes” artist lived in the L.A. ranch with his then-girlfriend as he converted it into a bachelor pad. Ye bought the luxury destination in 2018, spanning 1.25 acres. It includes two guest houses according to reports and is eight miles away from his former home with Kim. Meanwhile, she kept their $60 million Calabasas mansion with their four children. Also, in their divorce settlement, Kanye gave his ex a $4.5 million home in Southern California, and she now owns the five-bedroom property.

The Yeezy mogul said he bought that house to be closer to his family, but Kim’s expected to tear it down for renovations. In addition, she kept the rights to the $60 million home next door plus some property in Idaho. On his end, Kanye owns a $60 million Malibu destination, some ranches in Wyoming, and 300 acres in Calabasas. Also, he owns a Belgium home and the house that raised him in Chicago.

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