No cap… CapSkinz is changing the game

Interview with Johnny Nunez of CapSkinz.

What is CapSkinz?

CapSkinz is a fully patented (US utility) stylish weatherproof cover for Caps. No different than a smartphone user’s penchant to purchase a cell phone case to protect their valued device, CapSkinz is a value-added accessory to the burgeoning cap wearing community.

CapSkinz offers a fully customizable lightweight protective covering for fitted and SnapBack caps. The accessory protects the hat from weather damage, dust, UV damage, and staining. CapSkinz can also be used to repurpose a cap offering versatility and style; available in a wide variety of colors and custom designs.

When was the company created?

CapSkinz was created out of a personal need. The creator is an avid cap collector and realized that his hats would warp, stain, fade, and shrink primarily due to weather related damage. After research he realized that there weren’t any viable solutions to headwear protection. In efforts to protect his investment, he started drawing specs for a form fitting protective cover for baseball caps and that how the product was born.

The company was started by Marlon Woods in 2017 when he first created the product but he didn’t put the product on the market because he was CCBH adamant about protecting the concept and producing perfect product. He was able to obtain a US utility patent in Nov 2021.

When did you get involved?

I got involved with CapSkinz in August of this year. Marlon, the founder and creator reached out to me via DM to introduce himself and his product. After watching a demonstration video on his profile, I quickly fell in love with the concept and grateful for the opportunity I leverage my relationships to propel such a viable product, CapSkinz. Within this short time I’ve been able to introduce the founders of CapSkinz to some very important people in the fashion and music industry.

Any big plans for the brand you can talk about?

I have huge plans for this brand. I love this product not only for its utility function but also for the customization ability and that I can repurpose my caps. Through sublimation we have the ability to print custom logos or designs onto the Skinz. The growth potential and versatility for CapSkinz is endless. I’m now using my connections and influence in the world of sports, music, and fashion to really grow the brand and disrupt the entire headwear industry.

What’s the projected cost?

Currently on the website, CapSkinz retails at $23.95. We currently feature 3 colors with plans to introduce more colors and patterns in the future.

Any collabs you’d like to have?

Absolutely, the creators are looking to collab with major sports leagues to create CapSkinz that are team specific. We also have plans to connect with fashion brands so we can create CapSkinz that match individual style. Another goal is to collab with artist offering a new and unique way to showcase their work.

There are many music celebrities who have committed to endorsing the brand and large retail stores who have agreed to retail the product. We had our launch recently with one of the largest fitted cap retailers, Hat Club. You can expect some big things coming from CapSkinz in the near future.

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