Jackman Drops Tomorrow

Early yesterday Jack Harlow took to Instagram to announce the surprise release of his newest album, Jackman, coming out this Friday, April 28th.

Other than Harlow posting a photo of the album cover along with the news, there were no other details released about the album. No information was given about any of the songs or any possible features; however, if Harlow has made this album anything like his previous ones, I’m sure there will be some surprise guest features to come. His previous albums have included a wide variety of features from popular artists including Drake, Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Big Sean, and more.

In a few short weeks, Harlow is also debuting his acting career in White Men Can’t Jump. The Hulu original movie is set to be released May 19th. If his new album is as popular as his last one, it is likely that more fans will want to tune into the movie to see Harlow in a new role.

So far in Harlow’s career it seems like every album he releases is more popular than the last, so hopefully this next album continues to raise the bar. Without any singles or teaser sound bites being released, Jackman is likely to have fans eager to listen in on Friday.

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