iPhone Updates to Stop Autocorrecting “F*ck” to “Duck”

Apple announced that in their most recent update, the software used by autocorrect will finally be adapted to better learn what you type and will stop correcting expletives, including the common correction of “f*ck” to “duck.”

Apple software chief, Craig Federighi, said that the updates make sure that autocorrect will not further anger any user. He also said, “in those moments where you just want to type a ducking word, well, the keyboard will learn it, too.” This is due to the new iOS17 software that allegedly uses a transformer model, which allows the software to learn based on each users typing.

The transformer model is commonly used by OpenAI and hopes to mimic the way each user speaks, creating better word predictions and not correcting commonly used expletives or slang terms. Apple claims that this software will finally give users a device that understands them and their speech patterns to eliminate frustration.

The software is supposedly going to be released for beta testing this July. If all goes according to plan, the software update will be fully released to the public in September of this year.

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