Hiphop50 Live Sportswear Exhibit @ AM:PM Gallery

The AM:PM Gallery Exhibit features an installation of Technic 1200 turntables, speakers, and vinyl records surrounded by classic footwear silhouettes; from Puma, Adidas, Nike, and Air Jordan (& more) with a focus on hip-hop artist collaborations with elite sportswear brands. Each event is curated immersively with the exhibit to pay homage to the elements of hip-hop music.

Wednesday, August 2nd – Opening Night 6 pm – 9 pm

The grand opening invitational for friends & family, featuring the reveal of the exhibit installation and provided an overview of the upcoming events within the AM:PM Gallery space. On night one, we discuss the origins and strategy of the exhibit and build with the community on the key principles of hip-hop culture in New York City, past, present, and future.

Thursday, August 3rd, Live at the BBQ (outdoor BBQ & dance off) 6 pm – 9 pm

On this day we invite dancers, B-Boys/B-Girls, and fans of hip-hop dance culture for an evening of breaking and celebration of dance culture in the city parks and streets of New York City with the prospect of a curated limited BBQ option.

Friday, August 4th, Open Turntables & Tutorial 6 pm – 10 pm (weather permitting)

Open turntable invite & sign up for both upcoming and established vinyl DJs with tutorial offerings for curious guests of all ages. We offer an unbiased safe space for DJs of all talent levels to learn and showcase DJ skills with the guidance of curator MWill.

Saturday, August 5th, Rock the Bells day (raffle & giveaway) Noon – 1pm

Aka “LL Cool J” day, we celebrate the sportswear legacy of the Queens legend with a day inspired by and observed for Rock the Bells Day at Forest Hills stadium with official flyers, raffles, and games to promote the Rock the Bells efforts by LL Cool J & friends. Bring your Kangols!

Sunday, August 6th, Movie Day/Live Paint (ft. special invited guests) 6 pm – 9 pm

A relaxed format for live art and curated tunes, with a plan to observe the classic hip-hop film “Wildstyle” projected within the gallery space.

Monday, August 7th, RAW LIKE SUSHI @ STUDIO 151* Ft. Large Professor

We take it to Alphabet City to promote and host NYC’s #1 vinyl and sushi party, Raw Like Sushi at Studio 151 (upstairs from Nublu), featuring New York hip-hop production legend and vinyl purist Large Professor with special invited guests. * AM:PM GALLERY – CLOSED FOR BUSINESS


Wednesday, August 9th, Open Mic (ft. special invited guest) 5 pm – 10 pm

We focus on the Master of Ceremonies aka MC, with an open mic invitation and a keynote from NYC leadership. On this day, we focus on freestyle technics, songwriting, and the evolution of the MC within hip-hop.

Thursday, August 10th, Music Production Panel/Smoke’n’Beatz Pop-up/Panel *

For the finale of our event calendar, we will have a music production showcase within the exhibit that highlights the music producer in hip-hop. With drum machines and music gear on hand, we will analyze the key music production techniques within hip-hop and take observance of the evolution of sampling techniques and sonic progressions throughout the many phases of hip-hop. *TBD

Friday, August 11th, Closing – Hiphop50 Live @ Yankee Stadium (raffle & giveaway)

The remainder of our raffle and ticket giveaways will take place on the day of the 50th anniversary. Meet you at Yankee Stadium!


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