Georgia Goes Green: Peaches and Pot Now Available at Your Local Pharmacy

After legalizing medical marijuana in 2015, Georgia continues to blaze the trail by becoming the first state to sell medical cannabis in local pharmacies.

So far there have been about 130 local pharmacies throughout Georgia to submit applications to the Georgia Board of Pharmacies to sell low-dose marijuana products. With only 2 licensed medical marijuana distributors located in Georgia, the benefits these companies, and ultimately the industry, will see could be major.

CEO of Botanical Sciences, Gary Long, told reporters of some of the benefits already occurring, as the dispensary used to only be able to sell out of 5 locations, the ability to sell in pharmacies gives them more trustworthy outlets for their products. He said, “There is no way that we can reach 11 million people and so we feel that being able to dispense our products through the trust and professionalism of a pharmacy is a game changer. I think it is really revolutionary how our state thought about this and is pioneering this particular approach, among all other states.

With over 130 pharmacies having applied to be able to sell marijuana, Long says that Botanical Sciences has already solidified deals with more than 130 of the local pharmacies across Georgia. By state law, all THC products offered at pharmacies must meet certain standards, including not exceeding a 5% THC content.

Long told reporters: “Collectively we want to make sure that [patients] can gain access to those products versus having to go to other states or get it on the enlisted market. Neither of those is good for the patients of the state of Georgia, and I think we need to keep that as the focus.” He also told reporters that Georgia residents can expect to see Botanical Sciences products hitting the pharmacy shelves “over the coming week.”

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