Futura Sues The North Face for Copyright Infringement

Legendary graffiti artist Futura has recently filed a lawsuit against The North Face for copyright infringement. In the lawsuit, the artist and his team claim that The North face is using an identical logo to his famous ‘atom’ design.

This all comes from The North Face’s new FUTURELIGHT line…hmmm already sounds a little fishy. The lawsuit suggests that the design of the new line and its name were chosen to allude association with Futura and profit off of his brand.

The artist Futura with one of his ‘atom’ paintings

It hurts to see this coming from The North Face but the evidence is more than enough. A quote from the lawsuit reads: “If their Logo weren’t enough to conjure FUTURA in the mind of a consumer, Defendants call their new apparel line ‘FUTURELIGHT.’ In other words, the similarity of the graphic designs and the names is no coincidence: Defendants purposefully invoked Plaintiff in order to suggest an association with him. Although North Face had previously produced apparel in collaboration with him, Defendants made no attempt to obtain authorization from Futura, or even inform Futura, before making extensive use of the infringing logo in a $20 million advertising campaign.”

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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