From Sicko Mode to Study Mode

In his most recent interview with GQ, Travis Scott said he intends to study architecture and structural engineering at Harvard University.

During his interview for GQ’s “Man of the Year” issue, Scott shared that he has been looking at the prestigious school for a few years now and has even visited the campus multiple times. Despite having just announced an extension to his Circus Maximus tour, Scott plans to finish the tour and relocate to Boston to study at Harvard.

Scott said he has already looked into the admissions process and will have to “work hard to get in. They’re not letting me take any shortcuts.” He intends to go back to school full-time while continuing to make music. He told GQ, “It’d probably be like four years. I’m still going to make music, of course.”

As he explained his passions to GQ, he said his choice of major would involve architecture and engineering. Scott said, “I’ve always been into structural design and structural engineering and, you know, just trying to build all different types of things, right? When you start seeing how odd things can be shaped and then see how they can structurally work, it’s interesting. And I’m always trying to be like an ultimate problem solver. A lot of things intrigue me. Like, I’m doing rehearsals now and I’m always asking questions about even just structural and staging and how it can be built.”

Although Scott did not say that he has officially been accepted or even officially applied to Harvard, he seems quite confident in his plans and intentions. With the Circus Maximus extension running from January 3rd through January 31st, it is possible that Scott would make it to Harvard’s campus by Fall.

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