From FRANK To Tony Bennett, We’ll Miss You

As we reflected on the passing of a man who represented an era of New Yorkers who helped mold New York into the iconic place it is, we felt the need to write our own eulogy.


Today, we’re here to bid farewell to Tony Bennett, a guy who wasn’t just a big shot in politics but also a master of wisecracks. I’m talkin’ about a fella who could make you laugh your socks off even when life was as dark as the back of a dingy alley. So, let’s pay our respects with a eulogy that’ll have us chucklin’ like we just heard the funniest joke in town. Fuhgeddaboudit! Tony would’ve wanted us to celebrate his life with laughter, just like in that movie “Analyze This,” where he had us laughin’ like hyenas with his hilarious mafia boss act.

Now, you might not associate Tony with the mob, but lemme tell ya, this guy could find humor in any situation, even when it involved the wise guys. Just like in “Analyze This,” where he played a character tangled up in a mob war, Tony had a knack for makin’ serious and dangerous stuff seem downright silly.

Tony was such a large icon in the music industry that if we have to explain it to you… well, then you’re either a big dumb mook or living in a cave either way it is something that doesn’t need to be explained.

But Tony Bennett wasn’t just an actor; he had a natural gift for crackin’ people up with his lightning-fast wit. Whether he was knockin’ heads in a political debate or just shootin’ the breeze, Tony always had a hilarious comeback ready to go. He was like a walking joke encyclopedia, always armed with a perfectly timed punchline to brighten your day.

But here’s the thing that made Tony truly special: he could find humor in life’s absurdities. Even the most serious topics became comedy gold in his hands. He taught us not to take ourselves too seriously and showed us that laughter is a powerful weapon against the powers that be. Tony brought people together with his laughter, and that’s somethin’ we should never forget.

So, as we bid Tony Bennet our final farewell, let’s remember him as a legend in politics and the guy who brought laughter to our lives. Hold onto those memories of his comedy genius, whether it was his sidesplitting performance in “Analyze This” or his unforgettable one-liners at political rallies.

Tony, rest in peace, my friend. Your humor and wit will continue to inspire and put smiles on our faces. May the angels in heaven have tears rollin’ down their wings from laughin’ so hard as they welcome you to the grand comedy club in the sky. Capisce?

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