Frank Was There: Harold Hunter Weekend 2023 Recap

Last Saturday, Supreme and Tyshawn Jones’ Hardies Hardware had an epic summer block party right at 12th & A. The day started off with some sick woodworking action, showing all the young bucks how to build dope boxes and quarterpipes. Then, it was time to crack off the best trick contests with Alex Corporan hyping up the crowd on the bullhorn. Tyshawn’s restaurant Tastes So Good rolled up with some food trucks outside, serving up the illest grub. They had a chill sideyard filled with mad carnival games and a dunk tank. Shit got real when they put TJ’s girl on the line for a dunking. But that ain’t all—Supreme gear was straight-up raining from the sky during the product toss, making everyone go nuts!

At the same damn time downtown, there was a Grillo’s Pickles pop-up collab with Shut and Russ Pope. When the sun went down, we all ended up on The Delancey rooftop for a fundraiser auction to support the HHF. Matt Kruz from the Gnarmads was holdin’ it down behind the bar, and our homie Boogie was killin’ it in the kitchen, servin’ up fire chicken sandwiches stacked with those famous pickles.

Now, let’s talk about Sunday—Harold Hunter Day, baby! The whole crew came through to the legendary Tompkins Park asphalt, ready to throw down for some cold hard cash. The street hockey dorks from outta town thought they could shut it all down, but the local skaters weren’t havin’ none of that noise. They’ve been shreddin’ that spot for years before those fools started playin’ street hockey there. It was straight-up satisfying to see ’em back down when King and his crew stepped up.

Leo Heinert led the whole skate crew down Avenue A straight to the LES park, where the day continued with some epic Best Trick contests. They had it all, man—first up was the girls’ contest, throwin’ down over the pyramid. Then, it was time for a wallride battle, where skaters were goin’ all out to conquer that wall. And you know they saved the gnarliest for last—a competition on the gap to rail, pushin’ the limits of what’s possible on a board.

They wrapped it all up with a wild product toss, throwin’ mad gear into the mix. And after all the madness, they hopped on City E-Bikes and cruised back over the Williamsburg bridge, catchin’ that breeze and keepin’ the good times rollin’. Gotta give a major shoutout to Ray Mendez and Barbara Heisler at the HHF, Michael Cohen, Steve Rodriguez, and everyone else who made this weekend go down. It’s always an incredible way to pay tribute to the legendary Harold Hunter. His legacy will never fade, man. Respect!

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