Frank Ocean Teases New Album

Over the weekend while headlining at Coachella, Frank Ocean took a few minutes to talk to his fans candidly. After hearing the news that he would be headlining the festival, fans immediately started making assumptions whether new music was on the way or not.

Ocean released his most recent album Blonde in 2016 and has had his fans begging for new music ever since. There have been a few singles released over the past nearly 7 years, but no full albums or even discussions of one from Ocean.

When fans realized he was pausing his set to talk to them on stage, the excitement started to rise even further. With the crowd going wild in support and hopes of news for a new album, Ocean admitted, “I wanna talk about why I’m here, because it’s not because of a new album – not that there’s not a new album – but there’s not right now.”

Ocean continued to reminisce the times he and his brother attended Coachella and how thankful he is to be on stage. Late in 2020, his brother tragically passed away in a car accident and Ocean has not released any music since. He said, “These last couple of years, my life changed so much. . . I know he would have been so excited to be here with all of us and I wanted to say thank you for all the support and the love.”

Fans continued to yell their words of love and support to Ocean from the below the stage as the concert resumed. So, although there is no clear news of when we will finally get the next album from Ocean, it is clear from his performance and speech that it will be here eventually. Fans will anxiously be awaiting another announcement from Ocean.

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