Flo Rida Speaks on His Plans to Spend His $82M From Energy Drink Settlement

Flo Rida has become $82 million richer after winning his lawsuit against Celsius, an energy drink company, and he has revealed his plans for what he wants to spend his money on.

Flo Rida sued the energy drink company in 2022, claiming he was not being compensated for his contribution to their sales over the years, and that he never received his promised stock share in the brand.

After being stopped at the airport by a reporter, the rapper was asked if he had plans to retire now, to which he responded by saying he could have retired long before his victory.

“Prior to this, I could [retire] just with the music alone,” he said. “You know, just being in control of my music and things like that but I’m not surprised because of the work I put in to help make this successful.”

Instead of retiring, Flo Rida wants to gear his focus toward his philanthropic efforts, specifically with his Big Dream For Kids charity and youth football team.

He spoke about his excitement to travel for shows and explore cities he performs. “I’ll go and do shows, but I’ll stay there and enjoy myself,” he added.

He looks at this new fortune as generational wealth and wants to continue to open doors for other people. He continued: “Just investing in the kids. That’s to infinity!”

As for the energy drink brand, Flo Rida said there is no animosity between the two parties and that he is still an avid client of the brand.

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