Flight Club Introduces New BuyBack Program

Flight Club is one of the recognized names when it comes to the sneaker market as they are one of the largest consignment shops across the US. They officially unveiled their new BuyBack program which will allow its sellers to receive immediate payouts for specific releases. They tested this new program with the highly anticipated Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 dubbed the ‘Cactus Jack 1.”

Matt Cohen, VP Business Development and Strategy at GOAT Group said, “The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 was a great shoe to feature for the launch of our BuyBack program. We knew that there was a lot of demand for this shoe, and that sellers would be able to quickly increase liquidity. In the future we will accept multiple sneakers for the program. This will include pre-releases, as well as sneakers in high demand.”

How it works: Sellers will be able to select theBuyBack option via their seller portal on flightclub.com. Once selected, sellers will be able to choose the style and size that they will be dropping off at either the New York or Los Angeles locations. A barcode will be generated that sellers then must bring to the store during drop-off. Upon showing the barcode and providing the proper product, the seller will be paid on the spot. 

Perhaps the only downside to this new program is that payments will be based on the current market value of each particular sneaker. There will be no cap on each release meaning anyone is able to take advantage of the instant payout system who follows the proper procedures. This leaves huge potential to taint the sneaker industry and its community.

One last note from Matt Cohen on the new program is that, “these programs are definitely appealing because they provide quicker payout and allow sellers to move more inventory. Traditional consignment can take longer to receive a payout, which slows down business for many sellers.”

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