First Latino Hero in DC’s New Blue Beetle

The Blue Beetle movie trailer from DC Studios has been released, giving fans their first glimpse at the insect-like superhero played by Xolo Mariduea. This will be the first significant superhero picture to feature a Latino hero, the 21-year-old Cobra Kai star, debuting as the adolescent Jaime Reyes.


The character of Blue Beetle has a long history in DC Comics, and three distinct characters have assumed the role since the name was first used in 1939. The third and most recent Beetle, Jaime, a teen residing in Palmera City who is Mexican-American, is the main subject of the film.


The teaser presents Jaime as a family-oriented but somewhat aimless recent college graduate. He develops a symbiotic connection with the ancient alien artifact known as the Scarab after unintentionally obtaining it.


In a recent interview, Mariduea and director Angel Manuel Soto discussed the excitement and duty of creating DC’s first Latino-led superhero film. Soto told the press, “We wanted to keep it as authentic as possible — not Hallmark cookie-cutter Latinos.” We aimed for a “I can totally relate to that” or “Yeah, that’s my uncle” reaction from the audience.


Before Warner Bros. changed its mind and opted for a theatrical release, Blue Beetle was initially intended for HBO Max. While avoiding giving away any details about how Jaime might figure into the studio’s plans for the future. Mariduea and Soto both emphasized how much joy it was to create Palmera City as a brand-new area of the DC universe.


The goal, according to Mariduea, “was to put Blue Beetle on par with someone like Superman or Batman, who have Gotham or Metropolis, these cities that are the beating hearts of the comics.” Mariduea feels humbled and honored to build a world for Jaime and one in which he feels comfortable.

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