Escaped Prisoner Caught by Police Dog

After a two-week long manhunt for the prisoner that escaped from Chester County Prison, police have finally located and caught Danelo Cavalcante with the help of Yoda the police dog.

A day after setting a perimeter around northern Chester County, the police utilized a DEA aircraft to fly over the area and use a thermal scanner to try to locate a sign of life among the highly wooded area. Around 1 AM on Wednesday, the aircraft located a heat signal which police teams then surrounded. A storm was raging that night and lightning caused the aircraft to leave the area, making it exceptionally difficult for them to pinpoint exactly where they found the heat source. The team on the ground simply secured the general area and continued to hold their ground until the aircraft was cleared to come back in the morning.

Come Wednesday morning, around 8 AM the tactical teams were able to pinpoint the exact area that the heat source was located in. PA State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens told reporters that the police had “the element of surprise” as “Cavalcante did not realize he was surrounded until that occurred. He began to crawl through thick underbrush, taking his rifle with him. He resisted but was taken into custody and no one was injured.”

Lt. Col. Bivens also told reporters that Border Patrol dog, Yoda, played a “large role” in keeping the officers safe while moving in on Cavalcante. According to police, as Cavalcante was trying to crawl away, Yoda acted quickly and got on top of the escaped prisoner, subduing him enough to prevent him from being able to reach his gun and allow the officers to move in safely.

Cavalcante has finally been captured after escaping from Chester County Prison by crab- walking up the walls of a passageway and over the prison walls on August 31st. After two weeks living off the land and stolen goods, Cavalcante was captured with nothing but a stolen Philadelphia Eagles hoodie and a stolen .22 caliber rifle.

Upon his return to prison, Cavalcante has returned to his life sentence where his request for bail was denied and his next hearing was scheduled for September 27th by Magisterial District Judge Michael Iacocca.

Police and civilians alike are thankful that this manhunt has come to an end. Lt. Col. Bivens said “it is a true pleasure to stand here this morning and talk to all of you about bringing this manhunt to a successful conclusion and without anyone else getting hurt, most importantly. . . I say thanks to [the police officers] and good job.”

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