Eminem is Angry at Netflix for Canceling ‘The Punisher’

Eminem is Angry at Netflix for Canceling ‘The Punisher’

As Netflix has been slowly canceling its Marvel related shows, they very recently announced they are cancelling ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Jessica Jones.’ When this news came to light, Eminem let it be known that he was not happy about it.


In 2009, Eminem found himself in the pages of the Marvel Comic as him and The Punisher shared a common enemy. The basis of the storyline was that Frank Castle and Marshal Mathers were enemies at first, but soon team up when they find out they have a common enemy. They joined forces to take down Barracuda and his paymasters in the rap hating Parents Music Council.

Six years ago, when Netflix made its expansion into original programming, Marvel Netflix announced a four series and one limited series partnership based in NYC. The shows included in this deal were Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders.

Is it possible that Netflix is axing these shows due to the upcoming Disney streaming service? As Disney owns Marvel, it only makes sense to speculate that this is part of the reason.

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