Drake Surprises Fans with 8 AM IN CHARLOTTE

Late last night, Drake took to Instagram to post a video of his latest single from the ‘For All the Dogs’ album, “8 AM IN CHARLOTTE.”

The video begins focused on Drake’s son, Adonis, as he is holding his drawing that Drake chose for the cover art of the album. Adonis goes on to explain the story of his artwork to his father before joining him for the rest of the song.

The music video starts off with a simple steady piano with soft background vocals while Drake and Adonis begin to dance and sway together. Drake then comes in to start dropping some bars, talking about his own life and friendships. Despite the relaxed beat and pace of the new song, Drake keeps it moving with his impressive rhymes and references.

“8AM IN CHARLOTTE” is currently not yet available to stream, as the ‘For All the Dogs’ album set to drop tomorrow, October 6th. You can watch the video for the new track on Drake’s Instagram here.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for ‘For All the Dogs’ dropping tomorrow.

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