Doja Cat Scarlet Out Now

Doja Cat has started the weekend off with a bang, releasing her fourth studio album – and first ever rap album – Scarlet.

Doja Cat has been telling her fans and followers for months of the changes she has been making to her music style. She even went as far as to call her previous pop albums “corny” and “cash grabs.” Doja came into Scarlet with the intentions of proving that she is fully capable of transcending genres and transitioning into rap after initially asserting herself as a pop queen.

With Scarlet, Doja Cat gave us 14 new tracks on top of the 3 that she released early, totaling 17 tracks with a play time of about an hour. Her latest 3 singles are all present on the Scarlet album, including her hit “Paint The Town Red,” along with “Demons,” and “Attention.” The tracks contain hip-hop rooted beats that make listeners want to bop along as Doja Cat slays her verses.

Most of the tracks show off Doja’s rap skills while some, like “Agora Hills,” showcase her smooth voice, demonstrating her versatility throughout the album. Along with the album dropping today, Doja also released the music video for “Agora Hills,” available to watch on YouTube.

With the variety of sounds included on this album it seems that Doja has set herself up to gain a wider audience as she proves her talents. Check out Doja Cat’s newest album, ‘Scarlet,’ out now on Spotify and Apple Music.

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