Deuces Up, Sallie Mae: Julliard’s Tuition-Free Acting Program Takes Center Stage

Have you had dreams of being the next Meagan Good or Denzel Washington but your pockets are just washed?Nows the perfect time to perfect your acting chops. The Drama Division’s MFA in Acting will join Juilliard’s growing list of tuition-free programs!The prestigious Juilliard School, renowned as one of the world’s foremost conservatories, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative, offering tuition-free enrollment for its esteemed graduate acting program.School administrators expressed their aspiration that this decision would expand access to the drama division, welcoming a more diverse pool of students. Furthermore, they believe that this move will facilitate the pursuit of careers in the arts for graduates by alleviating the burden of student debt.Juilliard’s annual tuition, applicable to both undergraduate and graduate programs, stands at $53,300. Remarkably, approximately 90 percent of undergraduate students benefit from some form of financial assistance.This milestone is thanks in large part to a matching challenge grant from Juilliard trustee Stephanie P. McClelland and her husband, Carter McClelland; and a major gift from producer and owner of John Gore as well as gifts from the Jacques and Margot W. Kohn Foundation and others.The school has witnessed a significant rise in the proportion of applicants identifying as Black indigenous or people of color. Removing tuition from the program will empower those in financial need to not have a financial burden to chase their dreams.Applications are currently open for the 2024-25 academic year, and those interested in applying for Juilliard’s MFA in Acting program can visit for more information.

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