CLOT is Lovin’ It, and We Ain’t Hatin’ It

Enjoy the ideal fusion of flavor and elegance thanks to the fascinating partnership between CLOT and McDonald’s China.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, CLOT announces a new cross-genre cooperation with McDonald’s China, bringing together the brand’s streetwear aesthetics with the gastronomic delights of Mickey D’s that will satisfy both your sense of style and your palette.

Titled CLOT x McSpicy, the China-exclusive collaboration offers attractive creations themed around the signature McSpicy series, set to launch at McDonald’s outlets across Mainland China from March 16. Aside from product packaging such as burger wrappers, tray mats, cups, and takeaway bags featuring CLOT’s iconic Silk Royale pattern, 20th-anniversary edition, staff at select McDonald’s China outlets will be wearing special uniforms designed by CLOT featuring signatures from both brands, bringing together the best of fashion and flavor.

To further communicate the spirit of “satisfyingly spicy, deliciously trendy”, CLOT and McDonald’s China are cohosting immersive pop-ups in major Chinese cities including Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen from March 14. Visitors at the pop-ups shall have the opportunity to preview and explore the CLOT x McSpicy package designs and merchandise including hoodies, tote bags, and drink bottles ahead of the official launch.

The CLOT x McSpicy collaboration shall kick-off at over 5,000 McDonald’s outlets across Mainland China and McDonald’s China Tmall from March 16. Follow CLOT’s social channels on Weibo, WeChat, Little Red Book, and Douyin for release details.

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