Circus Maximus Releasing Tomorrow

Yesterday, Travis Scott posted more Utopia album covers along with yet another trailer for Circus Maximus, his upcoming film to accompany Utopia, announcing that the film will be released tomorrow, July 27th, with the album release to follow the next day.

Travis Scott has been consistently under the public eye as the build up for his fourth studio album has built. Last week he released his first single from the new album, “K-POP,” featuring Bad Bunny and The Weeknd, which hit the charts and became the #1 song streamed on Spotify in the US. For the past few weeks, Scott has been consistently sharing album cover possibilities and teasers for his upcoming projects.

The album covers that Scott posted to his Instagram account yesterday were photographed by Pieter Hugo. The shots include multiple different men sitting in the driver’s seat of a car, all of them holding cash with a tattered striped t-shirt and haunting eyes. The caption of these photos included Scott saying, “THE MAIN COVER WILL DROP THURS UNTIL THEN A COVER EVERYDAY LOVE U SEE U IN UTOPIA.”

Travis Scott also released a new trailer and promo poster for his upcoming film, Circus Maximus, to his Instagram account yesterday. The poster features an outfitted motorcyclist alongside a silhouette with the words “Utopia is wherever you are,” along with the “IN THEATERS JULY 27 2023” announcement at the top righthand corner.

Circus Maximus was written and directed by Scott with the help of directing/producing team that included Gaspar Noe, Valdimar Jóhannsson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korine, and Kahlil Joseph. The film was shot in multiple locations, including Iceland, Denmark, France, Italy and Nigeria. Scott announced during his set at Rolling Loud that the movie would be hitting the theaters. AMC theaters already has the film loaded into it’s database and describes the film to potential viewers as a “surreal and psychedelic journey, uniting a collective of visionary filmmakers from around the world in a kaleidoscopic exploration of human experience and the power of soundscapes.”

Circus Maximus will be shown in select AMC theaters across the US beginning tomorrow, July 27th. For now, Circus Maximus will be playing in theaters on July 27th, July 30th, August 1st and August 2nd. More dates and locations could possibly be added depending on the success of the premiers. You can purchase tickets in advance on AMC Theaters’ website.

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