Cardi B Throwing Mics like Chanclas

Cardi B’s weekend trip to Las Vegas was supposed to be an enjoyable one, filled with night club performances and fun, but based on two separate videos of Cardi B throwing her microphone, it may be safe to say Cardi wasn’t entirely enjoying her trip.

On Friday night, Cardi was performing a late night show at Drai’s Nightclub during which she clearly had some qualms with her DJ. A video was posted to TikTok of Cardi B getting frustrated and angrily throwing her microphone at her DJ mid-set. The video shows her performing one of her biggest hits, “I Like It,” finishing the song off by yelling her name into the microphone before turning around and whipping it toward the DJ booth on stage.

The video continues to show Cardi pointing at the DJ and potentially yelling at him as she was walking off stage. The DJ was shown being very non-reactive and simply kept the setlist moving right along by playing “Jealousy” for Cardi to perform next. No one is quite sure what happened that caused Cardi to throw her mic at her own DJ, but fans are guessing it was the way the DJ was cutting the music during her set.

The very next day, Cardi performed a daytime outdoor set at Drai’s Nightclub. During her performance, one of her fans in the front of the crowd threw a drink onto the rap queen. With very little thought or hesitation, Cardi yet again wielded her microphone and threw it at the fan responsible. She seemed to have called the fan a “jealous-ass bitch” before security came and removed the drink-throwing fan, and returned the microphone to Cardi B.

These are not the first incidents in which Cardi B has chosen her microphone as an appropriate defense. Last year at London’s Wireless Festival, a fan grabbed at Cardi B and touched her inappropriately, causing her to retaliate by striking them multiple times with the microphone in her hand. Hopefully Cardi B fans (and DJs) will take these incidents as warnings and realize that acting out at a Cardi B concert could end in her throwing a mic like a chancla.

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