Cardi B: Balenciaga’s Fall 2024 Showstopper

Over the weekend, Cardi B joined a crew of professional models to make her runway debut for Balenciaga during their Fall 2024 Fashion Show in Los Angeles.

On Saturday, Balenciaga inhabited a long stretch of Windsor Boulevard in LA to execute their fashion show on an iconic stretch of tree-lined road with the Hollywood sign in the background. Many celebrities from all industries attended the show, from Lil Wayne and Tinashe to Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, Windsor Blvd was lined with stars.

The show began with the activewear section of the collection, showing off simple activity- inspired pieces – from shorts and bra tops to leggings and sweatpants. The collection continues on to the next level, as it progresses through to Hollywood evening apparel, featuring Cristóbal Balenciaga-inspired gowns. As a whole, Balenziaga’s Fall 2024 collection combines a modern grunge with fashion-forward everyday looks while still offering the signature show- stopping pieces.

Cardi appeared on Windsor Blvd sporting a bright blue fur coat and black boots. As she strutted down the runway, it was clear that Cardi let all the attention go to the coat with a simple toned-down look and a sleek, long ponytail. When Cardi was spotted, there was excitement among many audience members; Sexyy Red made sure to get the moment on video and posted Cardi B taking down the runway on her Instagram story.

This is not Cardi B’s first experience with Balenciaga, as her and Offset both were invited to the red carpet for Balenziaga’s 2022 Spring/Summer show at Paris Fashion Week. While the two faced some criticisms for their outfit choices mirroring that of ‘Mortal Kombat’ characters, it did not deter the couple from enjoying their fashion choices.

The relationship between Cardi B, Offset and the luxury house has clearly continued to strengthen, with Cardi walking down the runway for the first time this past weekend. Fans can hope that maybe the working relationship could lead to a collaboration some time in the future.

You can watch Cardi B walk the runway in LA on Instagram here.

You can also check out the Fall 2024 collection from Balenciaga, including Cardi B’s runway outfit, on their Instagram here.

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