Buster Speaks About His Busted Pappy in Prison

Buster Murdaugh has finally spoken up to defend his father, Alex Murdaugh, despite currently serving two life sentences for the murders of his wife and son after stealing millions of dollars from clients.

In June of 2021, Alex Murdaugh was convicted of murdering his wife, Maggie, and his younger son, Paul. The two were shot and killed at the family estate dog kennels in South Carolina. The murders were believed to have been an attempt to cover up Murdaugh’s financial state, which was in ruins due to the millions he had been stealing from his medically distressed clients.

For the first time since the trial, Alex’s oldest son, Buster Murdaugh, has spoken up about the whole situation. Buster has participated in the creation of a three-part docuseries coming to FOX Nation tomorrow, August 31st, titled “The Fall of the House of Murdaugh.” In this docuseries, Buster remains firmly on his stance that his father could not have killed his mother and brother and that there is still a killer at large.

Buster told the docuseries host, Martha MacCallum, “I do not think that he could be affiliated with endangering my mother and brother. We have been here for a while now and that’s been my stance. . . . I have a fear that there is somebody that is still out there.” When MacCallum asked Buster if he believed his father was a psychopath, Buster lightly agreed with her.

He told MacCallum: “I’m not prepared to sit here and say that it encompasses him as a whole, but I certainly think there are characteristics where you look at the manipulation and the lies and the carrying out of that such, and I think that’s a fair assessment.” After your father is convicted of two murders on top of the major theft that he had pulled off for years, maybe you simply can’t deny the psychopathic characteristics any further.

Buster also admitted to being greatly confused by a confession made by his father on the stand during trial. Alex Murdaugh had claimed to have not been at the estate’s dog kennels at the time of the murders, but during trial the prosecution played a video taken by Paul just before he and his mother were killed. The footage clearly recorded three voices, Paul’s, Maggie’s and Alex’s. Up until this evidence was presented, Alex Murdaugh maintained that he was not at the dog kennels with Maggie and Paul. Once the evidence was presented to the court, Alex confessed on the stand to lying about not being at the kennels on the day of the murders.

Buster “thought it was very odd,” and “was very confused” by his fathers confession. But despite his feelings toward his father’s mental state and his father’s testimony, Buster is steadfast that his father is not truly a murder.

Opposite of Buster and Alex’s defense team, Buster’s uncle and Alex Murdaugh’s brother, Randy, would slightly disagree. He has told reporters that Alex “knows more than what he’s saying,” and in his opinion is “not telling the truth.” Maggie’s sister, Marian Proctor, also seems unconvinced of Murdaugh’s innocence, testifying that it seems “off” of Murdaugh to “never talk about finding” the real killer.

Buster Murdaugh finally speaking up about the family may lead to new revelations that most of the public had never thought of. We will all find out tomorrow, when “The Fall of the house of Murdaugh” is released on FOX Nation.

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