This week marks the introduction of the first stage of Gotham Park, featuring the unveiling of The Arches—a park located beneath the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge—and the inclusion of a segment dedicated to the Brooklyn Banks skateboarding spot.

Gotham Park, a $375 million initiative, aims to rejuvenate the nine-acre area beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, catering to the long-awaited need for a public outdoor space in the densely populated regions of Chinatown and Two Bridges.

With the unveiling of The Arches coinciding with the 140th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge, locals and visitors alike can now enjoy a clean and secure outdoor environment equipped with benches, a few tables, and various courts for pickleball, shuffleboard, and basketball.

Another significant aspect of this revitalization project is the restoration of the iconic Brooklyn Banks, an adjacent plaza to The Arches that once served as a gathering spot for skateboarders of all skill levels, symbolizing the city’s skate culture. Despite numerous attempts by the community to revive the area, including fundraising skate competitions, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and his non-profit organization, The Skatepark Project, have taken the lead alongside city funding. The initial section of the Brooklyn Banks reopening includes a nine-stair set and a series of banks (angled walls utilized for tricks).

Tony Hawk expresses, “The Brooklyn Banks and the Arches will bring people from diverse backgrounds together, fostering community through creativity, action sports, and outdoor recreation.”

This marks only the beginning, as more public spaces within Gotham Park are scheduled to open in the coming years.

The Arches and a portion of the Brooklyn Banks at Gotham Park will be accessible starting Wednesday, May 24, situated beneath the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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