Body Found in Possible Connection to Pop Smoke’s Murder

Just over a week ago, LAPD discovered a barrel washed up on the beach in Malibu holding the naked body of LA rapper Javonnta Murphy. Police speculate that the murder could be connected to the 2020 death of rapper Pop Smoke.

In February of 2020, Pop Smoke was shot and killed in a home robbery. Although he was not the only one in the home at the time, he was the only one shot in the incident. After the shooting, 5 people were arrested in connection with the rapper’s murder, including Jaquan Murphy, brother of Javonnta Murphy.

Jaquan Murphy was originally charged with attempted murder in the case of Pop Smoke’s death; however he was later cleared by investigators. Jaquan is currently involved in another murder case in LA County in which he is awaiting trial.

The LA police have theorized that the killing of Javonnta Murphy could be a killing in retaliation for Pop Smoke’s murder. Police officials have not disclosed any more information about the body found other than confirming it is now an open homicide investigation.

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