Beloved Kellogg’s Diner in NYC Goes Bankrupt

Since 1928, Kellogg’s Diner has been on a corner in Williamsburg serving their customers classic diner food and late-night meals.

While the Williamsburg area has changed dramatically since 1928, Kellogg’s Diner has remained steadfast, until now. The diner was majorly affected by the pandemic in 2020, hardly making ends meet through the first year. By August of 2021, they unfortunately filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; between rent, utility bills, and legal fees from a 2019 lawsuit, Kellogg’s Diner had at least $750,000 of unpaid expenses.

Irene Siderakis, the current owner & wife of the previous owner, tried everything she could to get the business flourishing again, from selling food under different names on delivery apps to opening a comedy club in the back room of the diner. She told reporters she “had no idea how to run a diner or if [she] could, but people really helped.” Unfortunately, all her efforts didn’t have enough of an impact, and this past January Kellogg’s slipped into Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The diner was closed for three weeks after being given to creditors. It reopened in February with hours of operation being cut back. The diner is supposed to continue operating until it is sold and is under supervision of a bankruptcy trustee.

Kellogg’s Diner has been a staple of Williamsburg for nearly a century. It has lasted through all the renovations in the area, literally burning to the ground and being rebuilt, and even having a police vehicle drive through a window. All these obstacles just make it harder to believe that the legendary diner, featured in the hit HBO series “Girls,” is finally on its way out.

Locally deemed “neighborhood mayor,” Joe Weisbord has been eating at Kellogg’s since the ‘80’s told reporters that “to me it’s a neighborhood landmark. I hope there’s a buyer out there that thinks so too.”

The diner is up for sale for a mere $3.5 million, which seems reasonable for a high-profile corner of Williamsburg with an established landmark business. The diner is situated at 518 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, which is a perfect location to greet transit riders as they leave the subway at Metropolitan Ave/Lorimer Street. The building has a 150-person-capacity, comes with a full liquor license, staff, and a 30-year lease with $3.5 million reported in yearly gross revenue.

NYC locals are hoping for a buyer to come along and keep the Williamsburg landmark alive and well for many more years to come.

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