Bam Margera: Wanted

An arrest warrant was issued this Monday for Bam Margera, former Jackass star, for an alleged assault that occurred Sunday morning in Pocopson.

Pocopson is the town just outside of West Chester, PA where “Castle Bam” sits on 400 block of Hickory Hill Road, home to Margera and his family. The incident was a domestic dispute between the family, where Bam Margera allegedly hit his brother, Jesse Margera, in the head numerous times. After he assaulted his brother, he continued by threatening to shoot him, their father, Phil, and the other people in the house.

Police arrived at the house around 11:00am on Sunday, by which time Bam Margera had fled the home. The court documents that were filed Sunday following the dispute state that Margera is now facing misdemeanor charges for assault, harassment, and making terroristic threats.

Over the last few years, Margera has been publicly struggling with substance abuse alongside mental health issues. Last month he was arrested twice in California. The first arrest was for domestic violence charges after he allegedly kicked a woman, but he was able to post $50,000 in bail and was released. The second arrest was for public intoxication after a scene was made at a local Burbank restaurant.

The beginning of his downward spiral seemed to begin after he was fired from “Jackass Forever.” Two years ago, after being excluded from the final installment of the “Jackass” franchise for failing a required drug test, Margera filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the crew. Margera has been in and out of rehab programs starting all the way back in 2009. In 2022, he escaped his rehab facility in Florida in fears that he would not be able to see his son again.

Last year his family placed him under “temporary health care guardianship” after he had continually been through rehab programs and had been being treated for bipolar disorder.

Bam Margera is currently not in police custody and has not been seen by his family. The last time he was seen was fleeing his Pocopson home into the wooded area behind the property on Sunday morning. The State Troopers at Avondale barracks are looking for Margera and have a hotline open for any information on his whereabouts.

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