Adidas x Fear of God Coming Soon

Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo confirmed to social media that the highly-anticipated collaboration between Fear of God and Adidas is rapidly approaching.

The collaboration has gotten fans and loyal customers of both brands quite excited. Fans and customers have taken to social media to share their excitements, posting co branded logos and other images signaling the collaboration between Adidas and Fear of God.

In response to one of these co-branded posts, Jerry Lorenzo decided to set the record straight and keep things short and simple by replying to the post, saying “about 2 weeks out.”

There have been no solid details or date released by Lorenzo, Fear of God, or Adidas since this announcement. The collection is rumored to include footwear, sport-inspired apparel and accessories.

Lorenzo’s response was nothing short of surprising, but now that we know when the collection is intended to be dropped, fans are only more excited. With time flying by, fans and customers can expect the collaboration collection to hit online and retail stores in the beginning of December.

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