A Look at Futura’s New “Abstract Compass” Exhibiton

A Look at Futura’s New “Abstract Compass” Exhibiton

Futura’s most recent exhibition titled “Abstract Compass” is in Hong Kong and features 12 new paintings, some never-before-seen works from his Brooklyn studio, and a set of concrete scultptures between Futura and Samuel Ross/Jobe Burns’ Concrete Objects line.

Speaking on the title of the exhibition Futura says “it could also mean guidance. You’ve heard of “moral compass,” well this is like that, but with my art. Every day, you could be looking at clothing, for instance, you may think it looks this way, but then others looking at your outfit could interpret it another way.

He also makes a connection with Instagram by saying, “if I just posted artwork each day and never wrote a caption, you would still be seeing it but would be deciphering it in your own way. By adding a caption, it sort of acts as a compass, or guides you towards something. So yeah, it is a title, but it can also mean other things.”

Check out some photos of the exhibition courtesy of Hypebeast.

Space 27 10F Block A/B Tung Chong Factory
653-655 King’s Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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