A Glimpse Into Industrial NYC in 4K/60p

In a city that is so constantly and rapidly changing, entire blocks can become almost entirely unrecognizable over the course of several years. As old residents are priced out of historic neighborhoods in favor of a new wave of inhabitants, it can become easy to forget the history that surrounds us in this city, beneath the veneer of lofts and condos. Many New Yorkers can get their dose of nostalgia via films, but nothing reminds us of our history more than original footage. In 1911 a Swedish company called Svenska Biografteatern visited the city and documented what they saw. The result was an understandably low resolution, black and white 8 minute video. Videos like this can be easily dug up for those interested in local history. However, one YouTuber has edited this particular video unlike any other you might have seen. Apparently, many attempts have made to improve the quality of this particular video, but no one has done so better than Denis Shiryaev, who first shared the video on Redditt. Shiryaev employed the use of AI enhancements, which apply four digital neural networks, giving the video a clear, colorized 4K/60p quality. The edits include motion stabilization, frame interpolation from 18 to 25 fps, speed correction (20% slower than original), sharpening, contrast and brightness correction as well as pixel-upscaling to achieve this effect.

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