A Game Worn 1984 ‘Black Toe’ Air Jordan 1 Hits the Auction Block

A Game Worn 1984 ‘Black Toe’ Air Jordan 1 Hits the Auction Block

Imagine being a maintenance worker at a mall and discovering a game worn ‘Black Toe’ Air Jordan 1 from 1984, signed by none other than Michael Jordan. Well that’s what happened to one lucky person who is now offering up the shoe on Heritage Auctions.

The story goes that in 2001, the shoe was recovered by a maintenance worker at the Capitol Court Mall in Milwaukee just before it was demolished. The shoe was found in the basement of a store named Playmakers. Bucks ball boys and girls would go to the store to trade in game-worn sneakers for brand new ones.

According to Heritage Auctions, the particular sneaker on the auction block was worn by Michael Jordan on February 17, 1985 as he put up 26 points against the Milwaukee Bucks at the MECCA. The inside of the sneaker is stamped with a production date of November 8, 1984 making this the earliest Air Jordan to ever surface. Jordan’s autograph on the sneaker has significantly faded over the years but can still be seen. One other detail to point out about the sneaker is that it sports a black nylon tongue, making it slightly rarer than the rest as the released version had a white tongue.

What would you pay for this Michael Jordan rarity.

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