Music Splasher for FRANK151 Green Issue

Ever feel the need to just listen to your music, relax, and melt on the couch? We’ve found the perfect thing to help you do it, and please feel free to indulge in some extracurriculars if that’s your thing (you know what we’re talking about, don’t act like you don’t).

Music Splasher is an experimental art project using a curated selection of digital animations to help people reduce stress, unwind and relax. You can either select from one of their curated playlists or select your own and indulge in the trippy animations as they come and go on the screen.

The creators of Music Splasher say that the animations are intended to be streamed through your TV while you indulge and we would recommend it. They explain how to do so on their website.

With an endless amount of animations, they will suck you in and can have you staring in a daze for hours. One after another, they just keep coming, syncing with the music to help you escape from all the madness.

We’ve generated a finely tuned hip-hop/rap playlist for good vibes with majority of the songs being what most would consider “old school.” Register now for access to thousands of animations or enjoy the sampling offer without registering and let us know what you think!

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