What Just Happened explores the week in the life of a person through their photos, offering another way to tell a story.

Photographer Michael Angulo first got into his chosen medium through a required course at the Art Institute of Austin where he was studying graphic design. He took to it and the Los Angeles native was soon trying to figure out how to work his way into the photo pit during concerts as he helped out on his friend’s music blog. South by Southwest was always a fruitful time for him, and in 2015 he was brought on by Beats to document the Illmore after parties that the company sponsored. A friend at Beats encouraged Angulo to return to LA as quick as he could. When he came back he was introduced to Vince Staples, and the Long Beach rapper has subsequently brought Angulo along to chronicle three of his recent tours.

These images are from Angulo’s week in Los Angeles, where the digitally-trained photographer is starting to experiment more with film for the first time in both his professional and daily life. Check out his photos from a couple test shoots (including one with his girlfriend in Newport Beach), as well as a session with the singer Yuna and a trip to Kanye West’s pop-up store on Fairfax where he found a pile of discarded Gilden boxes in the alley. These blank shirts retail for two bucks on Amazon and were being turned into the $55 merch that was being sold inside. You should also check out his Instagram.