“Cult” can be a scary word, but not by definition. While some cults have done legitimately frightening things, it’s probably a fear of the unknown that leaves room for so many connotations. The same is true for “occult.” Featured in FRANK Chapter 51: Leaders, Timothy Wyllie was a prominent member of the Process Church, which at its height could be described as both cult and occult. Inside and outside of the Process, Timothy has dedicated his life to exploring those things that most find frightening.

The following interview was conducted by designer and illustrator Dust La Rock at the home of Timothy Wyllie in Mountainair, NM, and focuses on his time with the Process. As important as those years were for Timothy, he has created a significant body of work since parting ways with the Process in the late ’70s. His writing, visual art, and music focus heavily on non-human intelligences and he’s published several books on his studies, including Dolphins, ETs & Angels, and Ask Your Angels with Alma Daniel and Andrew Ramer.

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