Today we reflect on one of the greatest moments in televised history: long-time FRANK friend and rapper Sean Price tries to pawn an antique potato said to have been thrown at Martin Luther King Jr. during the 1960s riot. The Brooklyn native took his treasure to the South-West, meeting with World Famous Gold Silver Pawn Shop employee and Pawn Stars star Chumlee in Las Vegas. And although we lost the rapper a couple months ago, his legacy continues through his television appearance and potato.

Passed down through generations, Sean presents Chumlee with a sentimental spud or family heirloom potato given to him from his uncle who worked in the administration or something. Following the story isn’t exactly easy, and might send you into an existential tail spin where you start questioning your name and the value of a potato. It’s a story with an intrigue similar to Christopher Walken’s account of The Watch in Pulp Fiction. Either way, its fucking crazy. Chumlee’s offer for the potato is still higher than it’s price in your average super market, and if Pawn Stars is lucky, one of Sean’s fans will come and buy the potato for the amount Price priced it at.