VLONE, the high fashion streetwear and lifestyle brand from A$AP Bari has re-emerged with a new pop-up store in Downtown Los Angeles. During the opening night party, VLONE showcased its collection as local skaters walked the runway and shredded a mini-ramp while dressed in re-interpreted workwear and 1985 Air Jordan Is. The warehouse space was adorned with oblique graffiti, industrial art, and half-burned flags, pushing the brand’s new take on Americana. Though the brand held a small event earlier this year during Paris Fashion Week, this pop-up is a significant way for A$AP Bari—now a L.A. resident, as well as the brand’s founder and creative driving force—to push the frontier of the city’s DIY fashion scene.

Photos by Rodolfo Lamaestra

The VLONE pop-up store is located at 810 S. Mateo Street in Los Angeles, California.