Although Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, there are still some of us not cut out for love. And while some couples will be spending their time with a significant other showering their better half with gifts accompanied by a romantic dinner in a dimly lit restaurant, some of us just don’t deserve a box of chocolates. So if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, chances are you’ll be staying home, third-wheeling it, or engaging in some other soulless distraction.

But fret not lonely hearts club members. You’re not the only lonely ones. Here at FRANK, we decided to compile a list of rappers who we know will spend Valentine’s Day singing themselves into a spiraling depression.

Let’s Kick of the list with rapper, Sage the Gemini. After 10 months of dating, Gemini ends it with singer Jordin Sparks after having trust issues due to Sage’s behavior and her rough break up with ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo. We guess Sage the Gemini is still flooring that ‘Gas Pedal.’


Business entrepreneur P. Miller or hip-hop mogul Master P won’t be spending cash on a fancy dinner date this weekend, after his estranged wife is bleeding him of money. Master P allegedly pays $10,000 a month for child support, and on top of that, another $16,000 a month for spousal support to his estranged wife Sonya Miller. Just as Morcheeba said, “Divorce is, child support, alimony payments.”


Third spot goes to French Montana. The American rapper was spotted having dinner with his former flame Khloe Kardashian days after she had broken up with NBA player James Harden. But don’t get your hopes up too high buddy, since Khloe has reportedly signed up with OKCupid. It goes down in the DM.

Our last spot on the playlist goes to Future who is apparently being sued by his former lover Ciara for $15 million dollars. The cause of the lawsuit stems from a Tweet that Future wrote on January 24 towards Ciara defaming her on the social media. The story is still developing as of now, but an email correspondence from both the artist lawyers has already been leaked, and can be read here.