If you missed the debut of “Riddle Me That,” the new single from singer/songwriter Troop, it’s time to stop sleeping. Originally from the small southern town of Vicksburg, Mississippi, Troop now makes music out of Atlanta and has been dropping consistently jamming singles over the past six months. He first showed up on our radar when he did a collaborative track with Los Angeles rapper Nocando called “That Feel Good Joint.”

This latest track is a smooth-as-butter R&B number, with two actual factual riddles in lyrics. “I had just got through watching the old school Batman [Forever] with Jim Carrey as The Riddler,” he explains. “He’s doing all these puns and riddles. Jim Carrey is a crazy actor.” Troop says that he’d watch the movie and then listen to the beat for the song, which was a collaborative creation by Prabu, the guitar player from Troop’s band We Were Here, plus his go-to producer, Professor X. “I really wanted to make something cryptic,” says Troop.

Besides having four singles in circulation, Troop is currently getting a listening party together for his debut EP, set for release sometime this year. “I’m content, but I’m also hungry, looking for the next step,” he says. Troop remembers when he was having trouble getting his music on blogs, but now is getting key placements and premieres. Still, he knows each one is just one move upwards in a long climb. “I always want to keep pushing the boundaries,” he says. “I don’t want to get too comfortable.”