Words: Nin Truong
Photos: Grindline

“If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.” That proverb holds especially true for the crew at Grindline Skateparks. During the early 90s enterprising groups of skateboarders bored with the existing terrain in the Northwest began to build their own concrete paradises. It started with Burnside and the West Seattle Bowls and, fueled by the desire for new and progressive terrain, it grew into a full time business. In 2002 Grindline Skateparks was founded, putting Seattle skatepark designers on the map and offering friendly competition for the Dreamland crew down in Portland. 

Taking skateparks to the next level, Grindline develops terrain that turns skaters’ fantasies into concrete playgrounds of the future that are helping to push skateboarding in a whole new direction. These Stonehenge’s of skateboarding will be a permanent testament to the free spirit and creativity that is the core of skateboarding.