Welcome to the Guilty Five. Here artists slide into the safe environment of our judgment free zone to reveal five of their guilty pleasures to FRANK readers.

For this week’s Guilty Five, we delve into the mind of Talib Kweli. Ever since 1998, the Brooklyn-born rapper made famous through Black Star has been releasing a trove of albums—ten to be exact—with two dropped in 2013, an unprecedented feat for most artists who usually wait at least a year before releasing another album. In 2011 he ventured into forming his own label, Javotti Media. Named after Talib’s grandmother, the label is independently operated from his Bed-Stuy apartment. Still keeping it real after all these years!

Currently on tour, and doing a bit of feuding with Iggy Azalea, Talib Kweli also recently curated an online radio station with Javotti Media. The station, dubbed Radionomy, is a user-generated streaming platform that will feature music, artist commentary, and all related news. But when Talib isn’t touring, churning out albums, or keeping on his activism tip with the Hip-Hop For Respect project, he’s chill enough to provide us with five of his guiltiest pleasures. From shellfish to Judge Mathis, it’s a list we can definitely get down with.

I love em’ all—lobster, scallops, shrimp, crab. I could have em’ at every meal so I have to pace myself.

Fruit-Flavored Soda
A truly guilty pleasure, because they say all Black people love grape and orange soda. I’m sure that’s not true, but I do, so I may have a couple of grape or orange sodas a year. Any more than that and I’m down the rabbit hole.

Judge Mathis
This is one of my favorite shows, straight comedy. The guests are oblivious and I can often tell the outcome of each trial in the first 30 seconds. As silly as the show can get, I also respect that Mathis speaks up on social issues like Troy Davis.

People think I don’t turn up because of the way I’m perceived musically, but those who know me know I come from clubs, that’s how I broke in this business. I don’t go out as much as I used to, but if I go, I’m GONE.

I’ll fly down to Old San Juan like Hunter S. Thompson and get caught up in a Puerto Rican rum spell. I get a lot done creatively but rum is full of sugar, which I try to stay away from.

Photo by Dorothy Hong