For this installment of Guilty Five, we get the best of two minds while catching up with Memphis-raised and New Orleans-based RNB duo Mulherin, composed of brothers Parker and Marshall Mulherin. Sibling rivalry, marching band, and musical tradition has allowed Mulherin to cultivate an RNB sound with a sense of sophistication. Coming from a musical household, Mulherin was introduced from everything to Sufjan Stevens to The Beatles, broadening their background in music.

“We used to sing with our mom in the house…our father was a touring trumpet player and would always play The Beatles and Stax Records stuff like Otis Redding and Al Green. They also introduced us to things like Radiohead and Sufan Stevens,” say Parker and Marshall.

As their musical interest began to spark in High School, Mulherin sharpened their skills by immersing themselves in formal music education through classical percussion and marching band. Taking their sound down to New Orleans for College and enrolling into the Loyola University at New Orleans music industry and marketing programs is rounding off the complete package for musical sustainability in a formal setting. This approach to music, compared to the D-I-Y approach has benefitted them immensely—granting the pair an understanding of composition and structure techniques. Hearing how two alike yet different minds approach one song is where they get their versatility as a writing team.

“The sibling rivalry is always there and it drives the quality of the music. We are always seeing who is cooking up more heat.” Says Marshall. Producing a melodic dream-like state on the edge of ballads and hip-hop enables the twin brothers to collaborate within the soul and hip-hop world with likes of Pell and Jon Waltz.

“We started listening to 90s RNB and once you get past the corny production style, you get to see how well written those songs are…Drake was an early influence in High School, he introduced us to a lot of synth and drum sounds.”

Being entrenched within cities that possess a deep musical heritage such as New Orleans and Memphis has caused Mulherin to be exposed to even genres very different from their own, including deep south hip-hop production such as Raj Smoov and the roots of memphis trap music.

“Being in New Orleans has shown us how accessible music can be, if we weren’t in New Orleans we probably wouldn’t be doing music so heavily.” Say the Brothers Mulherin. With their list of guilty pleasures ranging from Justin Beiber to Halo 3, you can’t help but be hit with pangs of nostalgia.


Justin Bieber
Some old Beibs stuff going back to Believe and the Journals, he’s got some jams on there for sure.

Pixar Movies
Emperor’s New Groove; it’s really well written movie and has got some really heavy themes

SpongeBob Square Pants
I think it’s so funny but people think it’s wack.

Halo 3
We get into some spirited matches, controllers get thrown…

Raising Canes
That sauce, those chicken tenders, and the Texas toast is so good.