Written by: Erika Flynn

Before it was your dad’s Disneyland hat or his “yard work” attire, it was simply another necessity besides unusually tight pants for Major League Baseball players. Dating back to 1849 when the now oh-so-versatile cap was incorporated into the baseball uniform, we now see it in variations ranging from the trucker to the simple forehead advertiser. The dad hat has come a long way. The last time we saw a logo-less cap was 1945 which was donned by the St. Louis Browns—and now we’ve taken a more minimalist approach, a classic design that has seeped into three of the most influential worlds: fashion, hip-hop, and skate culture. With Father’s Day, maybe give pops the one hat he doesn’t already have. Hint; it may read, “How’s My Mixtape?”


Thank god menswear designers are taking the “dad cap” to another level, after that god-awful “blogger babes in baseball caps” movement. Thankfully the incredibly unnecessary “leather” baseball cap has died with a plethora of other blogger-inspired trends, however, as of late, we’re looking towards those foreign too-cool-for school designers we know as Gosha Rubchinsky and Undercover; just to name a few. The Gosha hat, coming in a variety of colors (baby pink being among the most popular for the ladies and the dudes), fronts nothing more than the tiny, unrevealing semi-sun logo. Undercover recently released along with the Adventure collection, hats featuring the ADVENTURE font, which we all most likely saw A$AP Rocky sporting the coinciding jacket in the “L$D” video recently.Dad Swag: The Evolution of Dad Hat


Members of the Mob aren’t the only one’s sporting the dad hat, some rappers are making it entirely their own. Wiz Khalifa, who often refers to himself via social media as “daddy” quite often, granted he fits both the literal and metaphorical role, does not fall short of a style conesuier. Wiz has had one basically attached to his dreads for the past couple weeks, even incorporating a full Gosha look from cap to toes.

Both Tyler the Creator and Drake have chosen to use the cap as strategic merch recently. Tyler’s caps sport both the “Golf” and “Wolf” slogans associated with Odd Future while Drake utilized the “Papi” hat as a marketing strategy for surprise album (mixtape according to the cap) If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Some of the caps showcased the praying-hands with a 6 tucked directly under, and others read “How’s My Mixtape?” 12.99.


If you skate, you wear Supreme; and if you wear Supreme, you probably own a few Supreme hats. Supreme has one of the more throwback fits and appearances, one release even donned the classic pinstripe on the bill, a very Pittsburg Pirates “Pillbox” hat throwback to the 1970’s. As of recent releases, the much anticipated Supreme x Yankees collaboration brought out Yankee’s fans (and non-Yankee’s fans) alike, with caps sporting the New York Yankee’s logo on the front and the Supreme logo curved across the back. Even pro-skaters such as Eli Reed, have branched into starting their own fashion lines, starting with none other than the dad hat. Eli’s sport the “ER” logo in mono-color ways and full, checkered print.

If you claim you’ve never once tried the “dad cap” trend, you’re lying. Or maybe you haven’t yet until you saw Wiz sporting one and it instantly went from “dad cap” to “Daddy Cap.” Feeling ready to try to the trend is only natural, so try it and get it for your girlfriend, boyfriend, kid, dog, whatever. But this weekend, don’t forget Dad cause seeing our fathers in a “How’s My Mixtape?” cap is just too good to pass up.Dad Swag: The Evolution of Dad Hat