Words by Evan Wood and Emily Choi
Image by Michael Carvajal

Since Star Wars was first released, rappers from all cities and subgenres have shown the force to be strong within them, and have demonstrated this through some of the most notorious records ever made. Sweating down bars from back in the day like Kool Keith, to present day banging O’block with Chief Keef, we compiled a list of our top 12 favorite rap songs with Star Wars references. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

 Rap Phenomenon – Notorious BIG
Lyric: “Star Wars I’m Han Solo, with three egoes/And three charges, I got to ‘See-three-P.O.’s’” -Method Man

This is arguably the most well-known Star Wars reference in hip-hop history, and for a good reason. Without ever having seen a Star Wars movie, you can drop a ‘hit ‘em with the force like Skywalker’ rhyme off the top of the dome, but this line is great not only because of the double entendre, but also because of the close read of Han Solo’s character referenced here by Method. It’s a Star Wars line that shows he’s a true fan of the film.

Song: Gone – Kanye West

Lyric: “But if they ever flip sides like Anakin/You’ll sell everything including the mannequin.” -Kanye

To be honest, this line is in here because 1. Gone is one of our collective favorite Kanye West songs around the FRANK offices, and 2. Because it’s one of the few that references events from the prequel films. Arguably not the best look for Kanye, but if he didn’t always do unexpected things, he wouldn’t be Kanye West.

Song: Choices – E-40
Lyric: “Star Wars? (Nope)/ Yoda? (Yup)”

E-40 is no nerd, but he does have a certain older, wise grandmaster thing going on. If we’re assigning rappers to personalities from Star Wars films, I’d be the first to nominate E-40 as Yoda.

Song: Superheroes – Chief Keef (ft. A$AP Rocky)
Lyric: “Come through your block, Star Wars with the shots” – Chief Keef

Okay, so it’s not the most inventive Star Wars line, but it does kind of evoke an image of Chief Keef decked out in some type of Tatooine kit holding a blaster pistol out the driver’s side window, and we really like that.

Song: First Word Freestyle – Eminem
Lyric: “And Star Wars, this car’s a Taurus”

It almost doesn’t matter that this line basically has nothing to do with Star Wars. The sonic quality of Em rapping “this car’s a Taurus” right after “Star Wars” stands all by itself, and demonstrates the sort of poetic skill that makes Eminem one of the all-time greats.

Song: Hoe Cakes – MF DOOM
Lyric: “Look like a black wookie when he let his beard grow”

It’s so obvious to most people who DOOM would be if he were a Star Wars character, that some people actually sometimes think his mask is a nod to that most infamous of super villains, Darth Vader. Therefore, DOOM making a Star Wars reference is like parallel worlds colliding.

Song: I Shoulda Won a Grammy – RiFF RAFF ft. Action Bronson
Lyric: “Don’t get confused, Princess Leia jewels/ Jumped out the coupe with Versace parachute”

What were we gonna do, not put this RiFF RAFF gem on the list? RAFF is at his best when he’s just kicking flows about the clothes he’s wearing or the cars he’s driving. He has a habit of coming up with upsettingly good referential adjectives (for example: “candy cheeto steamboat” [what does that even mean? we may never know]), and we can go ahead and add “Princess Leia jewels” to that category.

Song: Dark Vader – Kool Keith
Lyric: “Black starship control, walk like I’m Darth Vader, my green limousine, purple Maury alligators”

This one falls under the same sort of classification as the one above it. Also, how can you not love the image of Keith doing a Darth Vader stride with the theme music and everything?

Song: One, Two – The Cool Kids
Lyric: Size 10 Jedis, Obi-Wan Kenobi/ And I’m Anakin and I’m ramblin’/ So bladabladabla to the chorus end” -Sir Michael Rocks

This is what killing it sounds like. Props for finding a good rhyme for “Anakin” and then for actually just speaking gibberish right afterward. Also shouts out to my parents for ignoring my request for a pair of Jedis, which I’ve included on my Christmas list for eleven years and counting.

Song: All In My Grill – Missy Elliot (ft. Big Boi and Nicole Wray)
Lyric: “And people around me is tellin’ me that you’s a stalker/ Like Darth Vader takes a Skywalker/ I told you I was the street talker”

Good on Missy for calling out Darth Vader’s supremely stalkerish behavior throughout the first two and a half films especially. When you examine it through that lens, guy seems mad creepy.

Song: Happy Valentine’s Day – Outkast
Lyric: “Han Solo till I’m hit by the bullet/ so may the Force / Be with you, and I’ll hit you when better time permits” -Andre 3000

Three Stacks kept his heart and taught us all how to keep our own with this line. Seriously, if you ever need to blow someone off who you’re not trying to get involved with like that, just quote this line to them verbatim.

Song: Wild Hot – A Tribe Called Quest

Lyric: “No, ’cause he move like the wind, in flight/ Counter-attack like a Jedi Knight” -Q-Tip

Shoutout to the golden era. This is just a classic, simple rhyme that conjures up a cool image. If this doesn’t make you want to go see the new Star Wars movie, probably nothing will, and probably you didn’t even want to see it in the first place, in which case it seems a little weird that you even bothered reading this far. Anyway see the rest of you at the theater.