Do you ever stare at your Twitter feed and think to yourself “Man, I am holding a whole lot of stupidity in my hand right now.” Well, this morning is no different.

I fall in that awkward gap between Gen Y and Gen Z but I do know music. Not saying I have the best taste, but I am saying I had a great musical education growing up. You will never catch me tweeting something like: “Kanye is great at finding talent. This Paul McCarthy kid is going to be huge” or anything like the 2014 Coachella “Who is OutKast?” fiasco. What frustrates me most—besides the lack of brain cells—is that if these people are tweeting, it means they have access to Google. So use it, idiot.

The former Princess of Pop Britney Spears’ cover of “Tom’s Diner” leaked earlier today. Spears teamed up with synth disco and electronic dance music pioneer Giorgio Moroder (I Googled that) and, as you can imagine, Twitter went crazy. There were your typical haters, reaction gifs galore, and the people who are just happy to see the Crossroads actress back in the spotlight for music,

Then, there are the “nit-twits.”

Fans of Britney Spears are either completely unaware or just confused about what a “cover” is. They’re just ecstatic about her new single but they could care less about Suzanne Vega (go ahead; Google her). “Tom’s Diner” was first made popular in late ’80s early ’90s; way before Spears was even a Mouseketeer.

The other half of nit-twits, the ones who actually understand what a cover is, say that hers is better than the original. Ok. Hold on. I can’t. I am a strong believer in the idea that nothing can be better than the original. You can enhance the original, you can bring new appreciation and insights to the original, but you can’t be better.

“But Rose, are you saying the original iPhone is better than the 6?” No. Don’t do that. This is not the debate team. I don’t need your irrelevant analogies. I am talking about music here. Plus I still rock my iPhone 5s and I ain’t got no complaints there.

Alas, I’m afraid this is just Another Brick in The Wall of musical mis-education. What’s next? Sam Smith teaming up with new up-and-coming band Blondie? Or massive surge in Google searching on NWA when their movie comes out later this year? Until next time.

Seattle-born FRANK151 contributor, Rose McAleese, a now Los Angeles livin’ writer has come down the coast to share all her wise words about the absurdity of today’s social and digital world.