When it comes to medical marijuana in America there is a lot of bad info out there. From mislabeled strains, to awful processing and growing advice, the internet is a cesspool of opinions from all the wrong people…for the most part. An exception to this problem is a YouTube poster from Washington with a medical marijuana card and an extract business named Bret Maverick. His videos, which number in the hundreds, give great documentation and advice on multiple topics in the medical marijuana community, especially in the concentrate realm.

For edition of This Week in Weed I did a phone interview with Bret Maverick to learn more about his thoughts on concentrates and all things marijuana.

What is your occupation?
I am an extract artist.

When did you first start smoking marijuana?
Around 2003, 2004.

Did you grow up in Seattle?
I grew up in a small town across the water from Seattle.

What does marijuana do for you?
Nausea is probably my biggest issue, and it helps a lot with that, controlling the symptoms that cause it.

Do you smoke flowers?
I try, but I can’t, it doesn’t taste good to me. I love to vaporize full melt hash and ERRL (BHO).

Why did you decide to start the videos?
The reason I started making the videos was to document my grows and get help from more experienced growers who watched them. I found out that a lot of people don’t understand the basics of making hash oil, so I started showing what I was learning in my videos.

What has been the response to them?
The response is mostly good from people who get their questions answered, but like anything that’s on the Internet, you will always have people that disagree with what you’re doing. Over the last few years I’ve found that those people tend to never amount to anything. None of the people that have a problem are actually successful in this industry, just a few desktop warriors.

I was surprised to learn you smoke so much full melt Bubble Hash and so little BHO. Do you have any negative feelings on BHO?
I don’t have any issues with BHO, but the guy I get my Bubble Hash from makes it primarily from OGs, Sour Diesels, and Chems. These are the strains I prefer. I get a more true to the strain flavor from full melt as compared to BHO, so that also adds to the decision to smoke mostly full melt.

What is Mystery Oil and should we be concerned about it?
It’s really heavy carbons like, neo-pentane and isopropyl. And there are a bunch of other hydro-carbons they are using to distill the butane, like propylene, hexane, and propane. A lot of that stuff carries over into your BHO. It is in there in tiny amounts, but most of it comes off in the purging process if done right. Personally I am not worried. It’s present in microscopic amounts.

Is dewaxing BHO important?
I prefer it for its effect on the lungs, reducing tightness and creating greater clarity visually of the actual oil. I am working with a company called Sweet Leaf to make a dewaxing chamber for close loop machines. It is available through Sweet Leaf in different sizes.

On your videos I see you are still winterizing with alcohol. I thought single solvent dewaxing was way more effective. Why do you still do it?
Okay, so I don’t do it for anything people dab, I only do it to oil that’s gonna be eaten or made into edibles. I find it still to be a good way to help clean the BHO, but since the alcohol does cause some damage to terpene counts, I only use it on things where taste is not important, such as incased in a pill.

Brian Kaiser is Philly, born and raised. After attending Temple University he moved to California where he works and consults in the burgeoning marijuana industry. Kaiser currently pushes for cannabis legalization on both a state and national level, a process that begins with sharing information.