FRANK Femmes

Chandler Kennedy

Under The Female Gaze With Chandler Kennedy

Though the west-coast native built up quite a portfolio as a successful commercial photographer in the big apple, Chandler has been juggling this with her other lifelong passion for intimate, self-portraits with women as her main muses.

Leaf and the Magnet Bitch Movement

While Leaf may be exploring all kinds different mediums, in the end, to her they are all of one. As she explains, “Art is art, so all my creations share the same realm because they’re mine.”
Asa Akira

The Guilty Five: Asa Akira

Since it’s pretty safe to say that most teenage boys can identify Asa Akira’s bunghole faster than they can pinpoint where Missouri is on the map, we decided to ask the adult-movie icon what her guiltiest pleasures are.
Lindsay Dye

Meme-Sex: The Merging of Internet Humor and Fapping

There’s an endless waterfall of derivatives found only in chatrooms that directly reference larger meme culture. Camgirls, as a collective whole, earn points through generating macros of Scumbag Steve, Good Guy Greg, and snowclones of ‘One Does Not Simply.’

Lindsay Dye: Ask a Camgirl

Given her wide-array of life experiences, we've asked Lindsay Dye to answer questions from you, the reader, about being a camgirl.
Hollis Wong-Wear

Nobody’s “Sidekick” Hollis Wong-Wear

There’s no appropriate way to introduce Hollis Wong-Wear without including a long list of titles and achievements. She’s a producer, poet, songwriter, singer, actress, rapper, and manager.